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Dear IBOs
Transparency, honesty and trust are the cornerstones of any great business. With this understanding, we would like to disclose all the information about the last developments in the company.

As all IBOs may already have noticed, Voda.net Company is facing some legal issues, and consequently has not been able to respond to IBOs’ requests, demands and questions. In order to find a solution to this situation, we have decided to establish a new company in Canada, assisting our top leaders in helping other IBOs to continue to work with the same conditions they had, which means they will be able to keep their placements, points and commissions. 
Our team has been working constantly to solve the problems and to create a safe environment for IBOs who would like to continue their adventure in travel industry with their organizations. In order to do so, our team has hired lawyers, accountants and advisors to establish a company with North American company standards, which is called Onyxum. However, there are some delays on the promised and expected time of launching the new platform, which is due to importance of this task. Since the quality and reliability of the platform cannot be sacrificed over the rushing, we had to delay the launching date to make sure that the platform is bug-free and tested before running the business.
Here is a list of procedures and mechanisms that the new company has undertaken to ensure a secure environment for both the company and its IBOs:


1. The company has been established through three different incorporations by corporate law firm as listed below:
1.1 Holding company: 11007823 Canada Inc.
1.2 Operating company: 11007858 Canada Inc
1.3 IP-Company: Onyxum Inc
    all general information shall be found in the following website:
    2. To secure the new platform and website, the most committed and experienced IT team has been brought together and is working days and nights to deliver this platform as fast as possible. Since the platform will hold sensitive information, and security is the most important part, following proxies are obtained to insure the new platform’s security:
    2.1 Obtaining D-U-N-S Number for the operating company which 203812230 and could be verified at the following link: https://creditreports.dnb.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/DxpHome?storeId=18050&langId=-1
    2.2 Cloudflare that provides better security for the server and users. For more technical inquiry please check on following link: https://www.cloudflare.com/#what-is-cloudflare   
    2.3 Comodo Extended Validation (EV) TLS/SSL Certificate

    We appreciate your patience and collaboration.


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