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Group Booking V2

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How can I request a group booking?
In order to request a group booking, the organizer must send an email to groupbooking@onyxum.com at least 40 to 45 days before the desired travel dates, containing:
    •    The organizer’s Onyxum username 

    •    The exact number of required rooms 

    •    Booking time range (the period the organizer prefers to book the hotel for) 

    •    Destination city 

The subject of the email must be “Group  booking - the organizer’s full name.”
Upon receiving the request, Onyxum will start the booking process based on the following steps.
Step 1: Onyxum’s group booking operator will send the organizer a list of available hotels in the destination city of their choice. If there are no available hotels in the destination city, the request will be rejected.
Step 2: The organizer will choose and confirm one of the suggested hotels by replying to the same email.
Step 3: After receiving the confirmation, the operator will send a request to the chosen hotel to ensure that the necessary number of rooms are available on the preferred travel dates.
Step 4: After the rooms’ availability is confirmed, the organizer will receive an excel file from Onyxum, where they will fill in the required information on all the participants. Once the file is filled in, they should send it back to the “group booking operator” by replying to the same email.
Step 5: In this step, the list of group booking participants should be final since any change will affect and delay the entire booking process. The operator will start processing the booking request, in the course of which every participant will receive an individual invitation to the group booking by email.
Step 6: Each participant will need to confirm their participation by replying to the invitation letter and provide all the requested documents and information.
Step 7: Once the operator successfully receives confirmation from all the participants, each of them will receive their voucher by email.
Please be informed that the organizer will be responsible and in charge of everything related to the group’s accommodation starting from the check-in date till the check-out date. During the reservation process, A STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITY will be sent to the organizer by email for their signature.
In the hotel, we highly recommend that the organizer closely cooperates with the hotel administration to make the check-in and check-out process smoother.
Note: We do not recommend any group bookings during the pandemic.
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Onyxum Second Anniversary

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Out of concern for the well-being of all IBOs and customers, Onyxum has decided to not hold any events or seminars during the Corvid-19 pandemic. However, to celebrate Onyxum second anniversary with all of our members, Onyxum has some great surprises for you! 

Starting from November 1th, our IBOs can enjoy different bonuses and/or promotion for a duration of 4 weeks ( November 28th). Here are our gifts for you:

    1.    5% additional credit will be offered for the Capital Packages. (for example a Silver Capital Package provides 525 worth of credit instead of 500$)

    2.    10 extra E-wallet  for each VP Direct Sales payable to the referrers.

    3.    10 extra E-wallet  for each VP Indirect Sales payable to the sponsor of the referrers.
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COVID-19 Update

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To the Onyxum family,

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, we want you to know that Onyxum is doing everything it can to help. During this difficult time, we all need to work together to keep our customers and teammates, as well as ours and our family safe and this must be our number one priority: staying safe!  

As a result, for your protection and that of your teammates, friends and family we strongly recommend that you limit your visits to the affiliates’ offices to only emergencies and instead stay at home and work online.
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New Secured Support Platform!

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We are happy to announce that Onyxum has launched a new secured support platform.

The new support system is integrated directly into the User's Panel which can be accessed simply by logging in to your account.

For creating a new support request, simply go to the "Ticket" section in the left menu and click on "New Ticket".
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Weekly Promotion

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Thank you to everyone who submitted a video clip, this month again we have received many considerable video clips and so we are thrilled to announce that three of the best videos submitted by Onyxum IBOs (Mr. Abdul Samir Rahimi , Mr. Davit Manukyan and Mr. Arm Paloyan ) have been selected and rewarded by Onyxum Talent Training Team.

Please kindly note that submissions for this month is now closed and the video clip criteria for the next submission will be sent to qualified IBOs’ registered E-mail address individually within 5 business days. Make sure to check your E-mails and send what is requested by the mention time period.
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