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Thank you to everyone who submitted a video clip, please kindly note that submissions for the first month is now closed and one of the IBOs who has sent the best video clip in terms of content has been rewarded by Onyxum Talent Training Team.

Please find the second video clip criteria below:

The Second Video Clip Criteria:


Onyxum Presentation Video Clip (Onyxum introduction, compensation plan and the commission actually received by typical IBOs)


Record an Onyxum presentation as if you are introducing Onyxum to a new prospect.

IMPORTANT: the commission actually received by typical IBOs MUST be mentioned in the presentation video clip otherwise the video clip will not be approved.

For more information please refer to following link:


In case any IBOs who receive Weekly Bonus does not submit his/her video clip, the IBO will receive a reminder Email regarding Weekly Bonus time limit. If the IBO does not submit the video clip within the given time limit, then the IBO will be excluded from the Weekly Bonus automatically till the end of promotion (December 31th).  

Duration: Minimum 15min and Maximum 40min

Submission Method: IBOs must submit their video clip on YouTube and then email the YouTube link to Talent.training@onyxum.com  (type your Onyxum username on the Email Subject).

Deadline: August 10th to 25th 2019

Code of Conduct: Onyxum places honesty, responsibility and fairness as one of its highest values. This understanding of integrity directs our conduct in all professional matters, especially to the submission of work for the Weekly Bonus by qualified IBOs. IBOs are expected to be honest and responsible for providing educational video clips. 

Offenses: Any form of cheating, as described below, as well as any other form of dishonest behavior, intentional or not committed by an IBO, is an offense under this Code.

  1. impersonation - assuming the identity of another person or having another person assume one’s own identity;
  2. the falsification or fabrication of a fact or data or a reference to a source in a work

Sanctions: If a charge is upheld against an IBO by the Talent Training Department, the Onyxum will exclude the offender IBO from Weekly Bonus for up to 1 month or more.

Copyright: The Copyrights of all works submitted by IBOs belongs to Onyxum. 

Language: In any language that IBO feels comfortable communicating and delivering the materials to their team members.

P.S: The subject of the second video will be announced by the end of August. 


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