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Group Booking

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In order to request a group booking, the organizer should send an email to booking@onyxum.com at least 30 to 45 days prior the booking date containing:

  • Onyxum username
  • The exact number of rooms required,
  • Booking time range (in what period of time the organizer prefers to book the hotel )
  • Destination city

Upon receiving the confirmation from Onyxum, the organizer shall ask his/her down-liners to send their booking request to the same Email with the subject of “group booking - hotel name” for example “group booking - hotel X” containing:

  • The valid ID/passport of the travelers
  • Package type (name)
  • Number of Night
  • Number of Guests (adults)
  • Dates of Check in and Check out
  • Nationality of Guests
  • City of Destination
  • Number of children (If applicable)
  • Ages of the children (If applicable)
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