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1. What services does Onyxum offer?
Onyxum offers multi-destination hotel package memberships all around the world. Depending on the membership type, each package consists of a set of different destinations and durations offering the right of occupation in prestigious hotels at the destination country.
2. What types of hotels are offered in Onyxum hotel booking lists? 
Hotel suggestions range from 3 to 5-star hotels, depending on the following factors:
    •    Purchased package
    •    Booking time range: some hotels may not be available during high season or major holidays in the destination country.

    •    Destination: the variety of hotels available in the destination country

3. How can I book my hotel room?
Onyxum has launched a feature to make the booking process easier and more advanced. Consequently, you are able to:
    •    Send your booking requests online via your Onyxum Homepage 

    •    View the Package information

    •    View all previous bookings, the number of nights used as well as those remaining - or the remaining credits if the Package is credit-based. 

Please note that this new tool is only for booking hotel reservations; all other hotel and reservation inquiries must be made through the Ticketing System available on the Onyxum website.
To use this feature:
    •    Log in to your Onyxum account

    •    Go to the main menu

    •    Click on the Booking button

    •    At the top of the page, you will see a table-like section called Your Packages that shows your complete Package information, including the package name and receipt, the purchase date and the expiry date, the number of nights or Package credits, and the amount used.

    •    In the last column of the table, there is the Booking Request button through which you can submit your new Package booking request. 

    •    Select the Package you want and fill in the form with the following information:

    ◦    Country: Select the destination country according to your Package

    ◦    City: Select the destination city according to your Package

    ◦    Nights: Enter the number of nights for your stay

    ◦    From date: Enter the date of check-in

    ◦    No. of Rooms: Enter the number of rooms according to your package

    ◦    Guest Name 1: Your name has been entered as the owner of the Package and cannot be changed by the User. If you want to give your Package, in part or in its entirety, to a first-degree family member, you will need to submit your Passports and any official documentation that proves your relationship. You must also pay the renaming fee. In order to change the name of the main traveller, please mention your request as well as the new name in the Notes Section.

    ◦    Child Name 1 - If applicable, enter the name and age of the child. 

    ▪    Please note that different hotels have different child policies as will be specified by the operator when responding to your Booking Request.

    ◦    Notes: Additional descriptions such as the number of meals, the kind of bed(s), etc.

After providing the required information, you will need to attach a copy of your fellow guest’s/guests’ passport(s) or ID card(s) .
Next, make sure you have entered all the information correctly. If there is a problem, you can click on Cancel and make any necessary corrections, if not, click the Confirm button.
Once you have confirmed your request, you will be sent back to the Booking page. You can now see your request on the Tickets List. There are 6 columns in this section:
    •    Column 1 shows the title of the request.

    •    Column 2 indicates the status of the answer: 

    ◦    Red indicates that you have not received an answer yet.

    ◦    Yellow means your request has been answered and we await your response.

    ◦    Green means the request has been completed.

    •    Column 3 “Destination” shows the country of your choice for the trip.

    •    Column 4 shows the time of check-in that you had requested. 

    •    Column 5 shows the status of the reservation. 

    •    Column 6 “Action” shows your request; you can add details to your query if necessary by clicking on View.

When the operator sends the hotel list, the second column, or Status, turns yellow, which means the operator is waiting for your answer. At this point, you must click on the last column to view the operator's query, then select one of the hotels and enter its name in the Reply section.

When the operator sees your answer and processes your request, the booking status changes from “In Progress” to “Hotel confirmation pending”, which means your request has been sent to the hotel and is in the process of final approval from the hotel.

Upon final confirmation of the hotel, the operator sends you the Voucher and the Booking Status changes from “Hotel confirmation pending” to “Booking confirmed”.

At this stage, the request will be moved from the booking page to the “My Ticket” page which can be found in the Main Menu.
4. How can I request a group booking?
In order to request a group booking, the organizer must send an email to groupbooking@onyxum.support at least 40 to 45 days before the desired travel dates, containing:
• The organizer’s Onyxum username 

• The exact number of required rooms 

• Booking time range (the period the organizer prefers to book the hotel for) 

• Destination city 

The subject of the email must be “Group  booking - the organizer’s full name.”
Upon receiving the request, Onyxum will start the booking process based on the following steps.
Step 1: Onyxum’s group booking operator will send the organizer a list of available hotels in the destination city of their choice. If there are no available hotels in the destination city, the request will be rejected. 
Step 2: The organizer will choose and confirm one of the suggested hotels by replying to the same email.
Step 3: After receiving the confirmation, the operator will send a request to the chosen hotel to ensure that the necessary number of rooms are available on the preferred travel dates.
Step 4: After the rooms’ availability is confirmed, the organizer will receive an excel file from Onyxum, where they will fill in the required information on all the participants. Once the file is filled in, they should send it back to the “group booking operator” by replying to the same email. 
Step 5: In this step, the list of group booking participants should be final since any change will affect and delay the entire booking process. The operator will start processing the booking request, in the course of which every participant will receive an individual invitation to the group booking by email.
Step 6: Each participant will need to confirm their participation by replying to the invitation letter and provide all the requested documents and information.
Step 7: Once the operator successfully receives confirmation from all the participants, each of them will receive their voucher by email.
Please be informed that the organizer will be responsible and in charge of everything related to the group’s accommodation starting from the check-in date till the check-out date. During the reservation process, A STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITY will be sent to the organizer by email for their signature.
In the hotel, we highly recommend that the organizer closely cooperates with the hotel administration to make the check-in and check-out process smoother.

5. Are the Onyxum hotel packages refundable?
Yes - when a customer requests a refund within the specified guarantee period for an Onyxum product or service, the following refund policies may apply:
    •    Full refund: if the request is made within 10 days of the purchase date, the customer will receive a full refund.

    •    Partial refund: if the request is made between the 11th day and the 45th day of the purchase date, the customer will be charged a 30% service fee.

    •    Before 45 days of the purchase date: the customer can extend the refund period by paying a preset fee on a monthly basis for a maximum of 3 months to extend the partial refund policy.

    •    The fund will be transferred to the user’s Onyxum account within 24 hours via Ewallet.

    •    Customers may be asked to submit a purchase receipt to be eligible for a refund.

    •    The refund policy will not be applicable if the customer has already booked their hotel accommodation.

6. How do I request a refund?

Refund procedure:
    1.    Log in to your Onyxum account

    2.    Go to the main menu and click on my package

    3.    Choose the package for which you want a refund

    4.    Click on refund

    5.    Enter your transaction code (if applicable)

    6.    Go to your email account and open the email you have received from Onyxum

    7.    Click on Refund (This is the last action that finalizes your refund and cannot be undone.) 

7. How long does it take to receive a refund?

It takes up to 24 hours to process refund requests.
8. Can I give my Onyxum hotel package to someone else?

The package can be given to first degree relatives by paying an additional 10% of the price for each reservation. Please also note that it is strictly prohibited to resell a package or use it for other commercial purposes( the minimum fee is 10 USD).
9. If I don’t book my hotel reservation included in a year what will happen?

When the package is valid for more than 1 year, and the Customer does not use all the nights they are entitled to in one of the years included in their Package, the rights to those nights will roll over for only one additional year. Rollover must still be within Package Validity and will, therefore, not apply to nights included in the last year of the Package

Please note that you can use the previous year’s roll-over nights of your package only after the current year’s available nights have been entirely used.
For example: 
If you have eight nights yearly for three years and do not use your vacation in the first year, in the second year, you can use 16 nights (8 nights for the current year and 8 for the previous one). In this situation, three scenarios may happen:

If you request to book all 16 nights in the second year, you will be able to book all 16 nights as long as you meet the delivery term. In this scenario, you need to send your request at least 37 days before your package purchase anniversary in the second year (21 delivery + 16 accommodation) or sooner.

If you request to book only eight nights in the second year, the eight available nights from the second year will be booked, and the remaining nights from the first year will not roll-over to the third year. Consequently, in the third year, you will have eight available nights to book.
If you book less than eight nights, the remaining nights will roll-over to the third year. For example, if you book five nights, three nights will roll-over to the third night. Or If you don't book any night, eight nights will roll-over to the third year.
10. How many individuals can stay in one room?

Each room can be occupied by 1 to 2 adults. Accompanying children may be allowed depending on the hotel policy.  The age limit for children is varied from one hotel to another; further details can be obtained at the time of reservation.
11. Is breakfast included?

Onyxum only offers accommodation services; meal plans are, therefore, not included in the packages. The availability of breakfast and/or other meals depends on the hotels’ amenities and services.
12. What countries are included in worldwide packages?
Members of the WTO (World Trade Organization)
13. What does 3-4 week delivery mean?
In order to book your hotel accommodation, you need to send a request for a booking at least three weeks before the check-in date. Furthermore, you must complete the reservation and the occupancy before the expiry date of your package. If you have four nights of hotel accommodation that will expire on December 30, 2020, you need to send your requests by December 5, 2020 ( 21 days delivery terms + 4 nights booking request). Any request sent after the 5 of December will result in having less night available to make a reservation. 
For example;
If you send your request on December 6, you will be able to book three nights because the last night is after the expiry date.
If you send your request on December 7, you will be able to book two nights because the last two nights are after the expiry date.
If you send your request on December 8, then you will be able to book one night because the last three nights are after the expiry date, and if you send your request any time after December 8, then you will not be able to book any night since your package is expired.
Please kindly note that all Onyxum packages provide at least one year of validity, which is a unique, customer-friendly feature in the travel industry. However, we strongly suggest to our customers to book their hotel as soon as possible to avoid any losses. 
14. Can I change my Onyxum hotel package?
Yes - In order to change your package, log in to your account and choose “my packages” from the main menu and then click on “change” at the bottom. At the next step, there is a list of available Packages that you can choose from.
If the package price is higher than the one you already have, the price difference must be paid with E-Wallets.
If the package price is less than the one you already have, then the price difference will be credited to your Onyxum Account shortly after confirmation.
15. What are the package exchange terms and regulations?
    1.    Exchange rules do not apply to used packages.

    2.    The time limit to request an exchange for 1-year validity packages is 180 days and for packages with more than 1-year validity is 360 days.

    3.    A 20 USD exchange fee, as well as any price difference, will be applied in order to exchange a package.

    4.    Multiple packages cannot be exchanged for a single package (e.g. three 1-VP packages cannot be exchanged for a 3-VP package).

    5.    Upgrades and exchanges may only be made with packages assigned the same points. For instance, 1VP to 1VP, 3VPs to 3VPs, etc.

16. Can the dates of the hotel reservation be divided to stay at different locations during different periods?
Yes, there is the option to split the dates of hotel reservations to stay at different hotels during different periods. Here is an example:

You have purchased a package which is valid for 3 years and offers 8 nights of hotel accommodation per year in Country X, Y, Z, O and P. There are numerous combinations of reservations you may choose, but here is one example:

During the first year, you can stay 5 nights in Country X and 3 nights in Country Y. During the second year, you can stay 8 nights in Country Z, and during the third year, you can stay 4 nights in Country O and 4 nights in Country P.

The only limitation is that you can make a maximum of 2 reservations in a single year, starting at the time of reservation and ending 360 days later. For more requests in a single year, there will be a 20 USD fee for each additional reservation in a single year.
17. Can I book a hotel in any city located within countries included in my package?

Yes; however, in some locations where the number of hotels is low, your options may be limited or there may not be any availability. Please send a request to check the availability of hotels at your chosen location at least 4 weeks before your desired date of travel.
17. How can I contact onyxum?

The  support system is integrated directly into the User's Panel which can be accessed simply by logging in to your account.

For creating a new support request, simply go to the "Ticket" section in the left menu and click on "New Ticket". You must then,

A- Title: Specify the subject for your request.

B- Ticket Category: Select a category

There are 4 different categories, please note that requests must be assigned to the related category otherwise they will be no answer.

  1. Technical Support: Responds will be made within 48hrs.
  2. General Inquiries: Responds will be made at first com, first served basis.
  3. Talent Training: Responds will be made within 48hrs.
  4. Booking: Responds will be made within 3 to 4 business days.

C- Write your request in the content section.

D- If you need to send a file, use the file section.

E- Click send.

Our specialists will then do their best to help you and respond to your inquiries within the mentioned time period.

To follow up with your support request, go to the "My Tickets" section. There, you can see if a support agent has sent you a reply or not. If you want to answer, you can reply right away and the entire conversation will be consolidated in one place. This will allow greater efficiency and ease for you to access all conversations with just a few clicks.

For each issue or ticket we have three different statuses:

1- RED: Waiting for the operator’s response

2- YELLOW: Waiting for the user’s reply

3- GREEN: The issue has been solved

All your support requests will be saved on the platform for as long as you maintain an account with Onyxum; you will, therefore, never lose any information or conversation and will be able to access them at any given time.