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Please be informed that starting from October 10th, 2020, all booking requests will be answered only  through Onyxum platform and no booking will be done through emails.

Onyxum members whose package validity is more than 1 year and their account is suspended due to not paying the annual fee of 15$, still can reserve their valid hotel package by sending a booking request through their Onyxum Account as a valued customer at no extra fees.

Please note that the changes in the profile will make the member to benefit from only Direct Sales Rewards and all the other rewards will not be calculated for the valued customers. In this situation, the valued customer will have access to the booking and ticketing systems and also they can track their package usage as long as their package is valid.

In order to change Onyxum status from OIBO to customer, the member first needs to send an Email to support@onyxum.com using their registered Email address and request to change his/her status from Onyxum IBO to Customer. 

Using the below text:

Subject: Request to become an Onyxum customer

To whom it may concern,

I would like to cancel my IBO Agreement contract with Onyxum (11007858 Canada Inc) and change my status from Onyxum IBO to a customer.

I understand that by doing so, I will not be able to gain points (VPs) for sales by me or my downline organization or/and receive rewards or commissions for the gathered points. 

Name: [ Your Name ]

Username: [ Your Username ]

Within 1-3  business days, the member will receive a PDF file via the Support Department that needs to be signed, dated and sent back to the same Email. The account will be opened  after 7 business days After approving the received Documents by Support center

Please kindly note that this situation only happens if the package is not expired yet.

If you need information about how to send a booking request, please read this article: Click Here

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