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Here at Onyxum, one of our most important goals is leading IBOs to improve their lifestyle both financially and personally. to achieve this critical goal, not only Onyxum has fulfilled its commitments all throughout the last previous months, but also has offered different prizes, bonuses and discounts to those who wish to develop their business exponentially:
To help new costumers start their business, the company offered two discount programs on its products;
To promote the importance of self training, the company has offered the Weekly promotion;
To appreciate the hardwork and commitment of top leaders, three of the leaders has received the New Year Prize;
and to promote the culture of traveling, the unique experience of living the life of successful individuals and enjoying the Onyxum high quality products and services, the company top earner has received a travel package gift!
Moreover, today Onyxum offers ANOTHER UNIQUE EXTRA BONUS! which is only valid for one Month!
in order to help the office heads to boost their independent business, the office heads who gain a total of 50VP on both sides of a placement within one month (January the 6th to February 6th) will receive 1000 dollars extra  E-Wallet!
the IBOs who may be qualified for this offer please send an email to promotion@onyxum.com containing the IBO's name and family, VID and also the IBO's current pay leg and potential leg VPs within 24 hr, or otherwise they will be excluded from this inedible extra bonus. 
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