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New Payment Method: Bank Wire!

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Dear IBOs 
We are happy to announce that in order to facilitate money transfers,  Onyxum offers a new payment method: 
Consequently, Onyxum costumers are able to go the bank and simply send the package price amount to the company applying following steps:
1. At the last step of purchasing a package, please choose the Bank Wire as your preferred payment method.
2. An invoice will be sent to your email within 5 minutes, containing the Bank Wire information. 
3. Within 24 hrs, you shall go to the bank and transfer the money and send the receipt to support@onyxum.com
4. Done! your purchase will be confirmed as soon as you send the receipt.
please note that there is a 15 $ fees for the Bank Wire.
 Good luck
- Onyxum Team -  
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