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Product Terms of Service


1.1 11007858 Canada Inc. ("us", "we", or "our") operates the https://onyxum.com website and the Onyxum app mobile application and offers membership of MULTI-DESTINATION HOTEL PACKAGES around the World: Depending on the membership type, each package consists a set of different destination and duration offering the right of occupation up to 5 stars ’s hotels at predefined destination country(s). Onyxum allows IBOs and Preferred Customers to utilize E-Wallets (defined herein), cryptocurrency or other means of payment to purchase various products and/or services which are available through the Website (defined herein).

1.2 MULTI-DESTINATION HOTEL PACKAGES are subject to the Product Terms of Service set forth herein.

1.3 Product Terms of Service stated herein constitute the entire agreement between Onyxum and its IBOs and/or Customers.

1.4 Onyxum may revise and amend the Product Terms of Service without prior notice to the IBOs and/or Customers.

1.5 Failure on the part of either of the parties to exercise or enforce any right conferred by the Product Terms of Service shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any such right or operate so as to bar the exercise or enforcement thereof at any time.

“Independent Business Owner” or “IBO” means an individual(s) operating an IB pursuant to the IBO Contract which were appointed by Onyxum on a principal-to-principal basis through this the IBO Contract to undertake promote and market Onyxum Products and Services and to register Preferred Customers with the objective of them becoming IBOs.

“Onyxum Products and Services” means all products and services, including literature, training and other support or auxiliary materials, made available by Onyxum to IBOs and/or Preferred Customers.

“E-Wallet” means the official means of payment by Onyxum. It is similar to a point card. The difference is that E-wallet can be traded in case IBOs or Preferred Customers don’t want to use it them self. E-wallet is equal to American Doller in term of price (fees may be applied is some countries).

“Actual Price” means the pricing of the products and services when sold to the end users not through Onyxum.

“Customer” or “Preferred Customer” means a non-IBO who is an end user of products and services offered through or by Onyxum.

“Product Terms of Service” means the Onyxum MULTI-DESTINATION HOTEL PACKAGES Rules contained herein.

“Website” means the Onyxum Website

“Annual Subscription Fee” means the yearly fee for the maintenance of virtual office, payable within the year of entitlement.

‘‘MULTI-DESTINATION HOTEL PACKAGES” means hotel accommodation memberships offered by Onyxum.


3.1 There are different types of MULTI-DESTINATION HOTEL PACKAGES which shall be purchased from the Onyxum Website:

3.2 Details of these packages are also available on the Onyxum Website.

3.3 An individual will automatically be registered as a Customer of Onyxum MULTI-DESTINATION HOTEL PACKAGES once he/she purchase a Package and will receive an Email containing Onyxum MULTI-DESTINATION HOTEL PACKAGES Receipts and login information to the Oyxum Website.

3.4 Onyxum MULTI-DESTINATION HOTEL PACKAGES usage is subject to the Product Terms of Service and other rules, regulations, policies and procedures that Onyxum may, at its discretion, adopt from time to time. Onyxum may amend the Product Terms of Service at any time without notice. Onyxum has the sole discretion to interpret and apply the Product Terms of Service.

3.5 Onyxum reserves the right to amend the prices, types and availability of the Onyxum MULTI-DESTINATION HOTEL PACKAGES without prior notice.

3.6 Hotel suggestions are up to 5 stars’ hotels, depending on the following factors:

Purchased package: IBO with exclusive packages will be provided with better deals.
Booking time range: some hotels may not available during high season and major holidays at the destination country.
IBO Passport: the IBO activity and advancement in Onyxum marketing plan.
Destination: the variety of hotels in the destination.

3.7 Purchasing a hotel packages will not make a customer turn to an IBO. The Customer understands that in order to be capable of promoting Onyxum Products and Services offered through or by Onyxum, he must pass the IBO Training Program otherwise the he/she will only be capable to potentially become a Preferred Customer allowing her/him to take advantage in purchasing Onyxum Products and Services.

3.8 Costumers will be able to book the hotel reservation after 3-4weeks of date of purchase.

3.9 Transaction Fees: There will be 3% transaction fees for payments through Digital Currencies and 15 USD for payments through Bank Wire.


4.1 Each of the Onyxum MULTI-DESTINATION HOTEL PACKAGES are valid for a specific period of time from the date of purchase.

4.2 The validity of each package shall be find on Section 3.1 or Product Receipt or on the Website.

4.3 In the event that a customer fails to pay the Annual Subscription Fee, then the Onyxum ID and account will be suspended until the Annual Subscription Fee is paid.

4.4 If a customer pays the Annual Subscription Fee (6) months or more past the expiry date, then the customer shall pay a penalty equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the current Annual Subscription Fee.

4.5 If the customer fails to pay the Annual Subscription Fee for two (2) consecutive years then Onyxum may cancel the Contract and the account will be closed. The customer may reactivate its account with Onyxum at a later date provided that the Annual Subscription Fees and penalties for all the years since the cancellation until the re-subscription are paid. Upon cancellation, Customers will have to purchase a new package from Onyxum in order to gain access to their account again.


5.1 Each E-Wallet provides a specific amount up to 1000 USD Equivalence.

5.2 The E-Wallets shall be deposited into the customer Onyxum account.

5.3 The E-Wallet shall be used to purchase MULTI-DESTINATION HOTEL PACKAGES on the Onyxum website.


Costumers shall send an Email 3-4 weeks prior of the date of departure (using the email address provided at registration time), containing the preferred time, location and the room(s) type. After 2-3 business days, the costumers will be received an email suggesting the available hotels for that period of time and location to choose among confirm it by sending an Email; shortly after, Onyxum will send the hotel voucher.

6.1 All reservations made are subject to availability and strictly on a first-come-first-served basis.

6.2 Each reservation has a unique set of conditions and cancellation policy imposed by the relevant Hotel and available on the hotel’s website which must be agreed to prior to confirmation.

6.3 Customers must be agreed to carefully review all terms and conditions on the hotel websites.

6.4 In some destinations, Customer and/or his/her guest(s) may be asked to pay additional taxes or surcharges imposed by the local government of the city. These charges may or may not be made known during the point of reservation.

6.5 Once a reservation is booked and confirmed, it may not be changed, modified or canceled unless states otherwise.

6.6 Hotel accommodation:

6.6.1 The check-in and check-out time may vary from one hotel to another. Customers shall find the timing on the hotel voucher provided by Onyxum.

6.6.2 Primary guest must be at least 18 and bring ID at the time of checking.

6.6.3 The age limit for children may vary from one hotel to another. Further details can be obtained at the time of reservation.

6.6.4 Customers and his/her guest(s) shall be personally liable for payment of all personal charges derived from the use of the hotel accommodation. Personal charges may include but not limited to:

i. charges related to the use of the telephone incurred by Customers and his/her guest(s)
ii. charges for consumption of food and beverages incurred Customers and his/her guest(s)
iii. any incidentals requested by Customers and his/her guest(s)
iv. any special services or supplies attributable Customers and his/her guest(s) related to the occupancy of accommodation units or the use of other benefits
v. the cost of replacing or repairing any damage to the accommodation unit, common furnishings, or the common areas due to loss or damage caused by Customers and his/her guest(s)
vi. any charges or expenses incurred as a result of negligence or intentional act by Customers and his/her guest(s)
vii. the cost of additional services contracted by Customers and his/her guest(s)
viii. any charges, costs or government taxes and fees which have been clearly stated as not being included as part of the reservation. The collection of these charges will be due and payable at check-out and must be guaranteed by an imprint of a credit card or cash whichever requested by the hotel accommodation operator during check- in.

6.7 Each room shall occupy by 1 to 2 people unless otherwise stated.

6.8 The availability of breakfast depends on the hotels’ facilities. Whenever a Customer sends booking request, he/she shall ask to get breakfast included offers only, otherwise he/she will receive all available hotels.

6.9 Maximum reservation during a single year (starting at the time of reservation and end in 360 days) is two times. For more request in a single year, there will be 20 USD fee for each reservation.

6.10 Travel Advisory:

6.10.1 Customers and his/her guest(s) shall be solely responsible in ensuring that they have valid travel documents such as passports and visas. Further details required may be provided or at the time of reservation.

6.10.2 Prices for Onyxum MULTI-DESTINATION HOTEL PACKAGES exclude personal/travel insurance, visa fee (if required), room service, optional tours, tour guide and/or driver tipping and all personal expenses unless otherwise stated.

6.10.3 Customers and his/her guest(s) must strictly comply with the terms and conditions of the hotels.


7.1 When a Customer requests a refund within the stated guarantee period for an Onyxum Product or Service purchased through Onyxum and/or referred by an IBO:

7.1.1 If the request is within ten (10) days from the date of purchase, the Customer will be received a full refund;

7.1.2 If the request is made between the eleventh (11th) day and forty-fifth (45th) day from the purchase, the Customer shall be charged a thirty percent (30%) handling fee.

7.1.3 After forty-five (45) days from the purchase, the Customer can extend the refund policy by paying a predefined on a monthly basis for a maximum of three months.

7.2 There shall be no refund if the package is being utilized in part or full.

7.3 To process a refund, please contact Support@Onyxum.com

7.4 The refund will be deposited to Onyxum account.

7.5 If a Customer does not use the product for up to one year or more, the reservation will rollover just for one year unless otherwise stated.

7.6 Confirmed reservation may be canceled subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the relevant hotel. Whenever a Customer sends booking request, he/she shall ask to only receive offers with cancellation policy, otherwise he/she will receive all available hotels. All costs of cancellation or utilization of the bookings shall be borne solely by Customers. No refund shall be given for no-show(s), early check-out(s) and/or non utilized night(s).

7.7 Once an existing reservation is canceled, it cannot be reinstated.


8.1 The package shall be given to first degree relatives (A first-degree relative is one's children, sibling or parent) by paying 10% of the reservation price for each reservation, but is strictly NOT FOR RESALE or for other commercial purposes. (Minimum amount is 10 USD)


9.1 Onyxum shall have the sole discretion to terminate or suspend all Customer’s rights in breach of any of the provisions set out in this Product Terms of Service.


10.1 Exchange rules will not be applied to used packages.

10.2 The time limit to request an exchange for 1year validity packages is 180 days and for packages with more than 1year validity is 360 days.

10.3 20 USD exchange fee, as well as the price difference will be applied in order to exchange a package.

10.4 Multiple packages will not be exchanged to a single package (e.g. Three 1 VP Packages will not be exchanged to a 3 VP package).

10.5 Up grades and changes may only be made with the packages with the same points. For instance, 1VP to 1VP, 3VP to 3VP etc.


10.1 Onyxum shall not be liable in damages for any delay or default which is caused by conditions or events beyond its control, including but not limited to natural incidents, governmental restrictions, terrorist attacks/events, continuing domestic or international problems such as war or insurrections, strikes, fires, floods, work stoppages, embargoes, and/or lack of materials.