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Sales Report

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Onyxum has introduced a new practical feature called "Sales Report" ! 

This useful feature helps IBOs perfectly to track their sales and commissions data such as: 

  1. The accumulated VPs on each side of a placement during the paid week.
  2. The balanced VPs for each placement (A, B and C) 
  3. The commission received for balanced points 
  4. Total sales 
  5. Total Refunds

In order to view your report, please go to "Main Menu" and click on "Sales Report".

Please be advised that, every week, the "Sales Report"  shall be downloaded for future references since the company will not provide the account summary for any dates after publishing this feature.

The "Sales Report" will be available to all users during next 24 hours.

Enjoy your weekend,

Onyxum Team

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