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Welcome to the Onyxum travel blog, where our sole passion is travel. We would love to share that with you in this article about top attractions in Georgia.

Located between Europe and Asia, the tiny nation of Georgia is considered a mysterious destination by many travelers. However, this underrated country has a lot to offer travelers ranging from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to ancient cities, the romantic, historic squares of Savannah, snowcapped mountains, to delicious wine.

If you are thinking of visiting Georgia, then be prepared to be blown away by the scenic beauty, history, and people's hospitality. We have considered the different attractions Georgia offers and come up with the best places to visit in Georgia.

What do you need to visit Georgia?

A Georgian tourist e-visa is sent to the traveler via email, can be printed then presented at border checkpoints before entry. Tourists from 90 countries can have free access, while those from 50 countries of origin must present a visa for entry.

You must provide a negative PCR test on arrival. The PCR test is a must for all unvaccinated travelers from all countries.  This test must have been taken within 72 hours before arrival.

    1. Tbilisi

      It is advisable as it is almost inevitable that every tourist traveling through Georgia will make a trip, at some point, to Tbilisi. There is a charming old town within Tbilisi that is located on a dramatic cliff-side. This town contains incredible views that you do not want to miss.

      You may want to book a hotel within this city during your visit. It is a perfect place to stay as it is easy to connect with most of the daytime destinations from here.

      The city of Tbilisi offers fine dining with affordable prices, important historic sites, and a wide range of accommodation services.

      Another plus is the cable car that goes over the Kura River, giving you mesmerizing views of the old city as you head towards Narikala Fortress.

        2. Ushguli

          Located in the Caucasian Mountain Region of Svaneti, Ushguli is a small group of villages. One of the few UNESCO World Heritage Sites that will not disappoint. The entrance to Ushguli is guarded by dozens of ancient watchtowers and magnificent mountains.

          Families in Ushguli are hospitable, and for a small fee, you can spend a night with a Svan family. The possibility of being wined and dined as the fire cackles the night away.

          To reach Ushguli, you can only pass through a single dirt road on foot. This journey may take roughly four days. Regardless, the town is worth the trek.

            3. Mtskheta

              Mtskheta is the most significant city in Georgia. Saint Nino, one of the most important saints in Georgia, lived in Mtskheta. She played a unique role in the adoption of Christianity in Georgia. She was a preacher. It is the capital of religion in the country and used to be the capital city before it was changed to Tbilisi, one of the oldest cities in the country. Located 30 minutes away from Tbilisi, you can easily take a minibus to Mtskheta. The city contains three of Georgia's most important churches: Svetitskhoveli, Jvari, and Samtayro Monastery.

                4. Vardzia

                  That was the home of many monks. It was erected in the 12th Century during the rule of King Tamar, who was the first woman ever to be crowned king (Note that she was crowned king and not queen) in the history of Georgia. Vardzia is a captivating cave convent near Aspindza. It is located south of the country. The cave used to be concealed until an earthquake both exposed and destroyed it. Visit the Vardzia cave for an archeological existence.

                    5. Uplistsikhe


                      Uplistsikhe means "Lord's Fortress," is an abandoned town that was founded around 1000BC. The city had inhabitants until the 13th century AD. The town, also known as the cave city, had structures that were connected by tunnels. These included a bakery, pharmacy, prison, and theater. It even had up to 20000 inhabitants. There is a church on top of the complex that was built in the 9th Century.

                        6. Batumi

                          Batumi offers an incredible assortment of modern architecture. Every summer, domestic and international travelers descend the city and crowd its beaches during the day and party at the nightclubs in the evenings.  The town is alive and vibrant. It is a place to stop during your travels in Georgia. If you are considering a vacation, it might just be the perfect destination.

                            7. Katskhi Pillar

                              The Katskhi is a 40-meter-high limestone pillar. It is also known as "the Pillar of life." During the 4th Century, a group of people called 'Stylites' made this pillar their place of isolation. They would sit at the top of the pillar as a means of being closer to God. It is still a great mystery how they managed to build a church at the top of the pillar.

                              The first group of researchers reached the top in 1945. These discovered a monk who had lived at the top of the pillar for 20 years.

                                8. Mestia

                                  It is said that Mestia is one of the best places to visit in Georgia. It is the main town in the region of Svaneti of the Caucasus mountains. This picturesque isolated mountain region is worth a visit, especially if you love to hike.  Although it is not as challenging as the trek to Ushguli, it is not easy to get to the town. The other alternative to getting to Mestia would be to catch a flight from Tbilisi to the city.

                                  The town's inhabitants are fierce and have managed to stop invaders from taking over, for instance, the Persians and the Ottomans.  Explore the beautiful Caucasus mountains of Georgia through a trek to Svaneti.


                                  That is the best stop for wine enthusiasts. Kakheti region is known for serving some of the best and most affordable wine in the world. For every family you will meet, there is some wine fermenting in the basement. Georgian people love to win.

                                  The best way to tour the many Wineries in Kakheti is by taking part in an organized day trip from Tbilisi.

                                  If you are no wine enthusiast, do not be discouraged, the region still has something to offer you, like the gorgeous landscapes and David Gareja monastery complex.

                                  The information relayed on this page is accurate as per the day of publishing but could be subject to change at any time. Would you please do further research on the policy segment about visas and COVID 19? Thank you.







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