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Where Freedom of Choice Meets Premium Services 

ONYXUM is an innovative booking service, providing assistance in the selection of premium accommodation. Our professional consultants determine what you are looking for based on your vacation requirements, and accordingly, provide accommodation suggestions with luxury at the forefront of the selection process. We ensure that only the best selections are presented and the most effective solutions are provided by our qualified team to make your vacation dreams a reality. From local spas and guesthouses to coastal resorts and 5-star hotels, we go the extra mile to ensure your dream destination is complemented by a unique and impressive hotel stay. 

How We Help You:

Once you have settled a date and destination for travel plans, you will need to provide us with a set of relevant and required details. You must provide anything from the number of guests and the duration of your stay to personal preferences and specific requirements necessary to make your stay a pleasant and pleasurable one. For more information on submitting your booking request, please visit the News section.

Based on an assessment of your detailed information and requests, our consultants will proceed to develop a tailored list of distinctive available accommodation. We present hotels and various brand leaders in a beautiful plan. You have the freedom and the flexibility to select the types of accommodation that will best suit your specific travel needs.

No matter the reason for your travel plans, we can make finding verified and sophisticated accommodation a pleasant and simple process. Based on our research and our professional network of partners, we present only the finest hotels, guesthouses, and properties to enhance your experiences.


Our Business Model

Direct Selling or Multi-Level Marketing is one of the most powerful system of free enterprise in our modern world, and it is the business model that Onyxum chose from the beginning. We take pride in our ability to share our incredible expertise and high standard of service with our clients while creating a financial opportunity for them.

The incredible freedom, personal connections and self-empowerment that it offers have made it the natural model choice for presenting our products and educating our clients. The Onyxum business model is based on the direct selling compensation plan – a low-risk, low-cost business opportunity that is open to everyone.

At Onyxum, our business rewards you for selling products and for sponsoring others who do the same. In this business, you can earn income from:

  • Profit from direct sales to customers
  • Profit from sponsored parties’ sales
  • Monthly and annual leadership bonuses as well as other cash rewards


The Benefits of Joining Our Reward Program 

With the incredible growth in both travel and hospitality industries and rising demand for superior accommodation, partnering with Onyxum makes business and financial sense. As an online accommodation agency, we have established a favorable and dependable reputation. We ensure our clients get the very best service, whether it be for selecting a valuable hotel package or for taking part in our outstanding marketing campaign. 

Request to join our team today and discover a business opportunity like no other.



At Onyxum, we believe in providing the expertise, innovation and tools you need to grow and succeed. 

The most important element affecting the success of a sale is the power of the advertisement. A network marketer needs to develop in-depth knowledge and awareness about both selling and advertisement techniques that appeal to the targeted markets.

Our company provides specialized training programs (in select countries) that address strategies - with profitability at their core - to effectively promote products and services. Throughout the training, our brand and all it encompasses along with distinctive advertisement and sales techniques are thoroughly addressed. By using the knowledge and expertise of experienced professionals in the advertisement field, you can go on to become an excellent marketer.


Becoming an Onyxum Independent Business Owner

Onyxum is a leading provider in hospitality offering members (IBOs) a sound platform to create a direct income. There are several resources that allow you to grow your business as an Onyxum IBO. They can help you create your own network over the Internet, during in-person appointments and consultations, or by sharing information among friends or social groups. Informal connections and word of mouth already drive the decisions many of us make. With Direct Selling you simply use this powerful tool to build your own business. So why not start today?